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Muffin  6-Pack
Scent Choices
Apple Jack
Banana Bread
Carrot Cake
Honey Bun
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Xtra Prim Jar Candle with Rusty Lid
Our highly fragrant 32 oz prim jar candle comes in all scents.  Please specify scent choice in shopping cart.
Cost $17.95
Apple Jack
A strong, snappy apple scent with lots of spicy cinnamon! A great fragrance for fall and winter.
Color: cinnamon red

Banana Nut Bread
Fresh from the oven, with just the right blend of bananas and walnuts.
Colors: light brown, butterscotch

A must for the Christmas holidays - fresh, green, and classic.
Color: hunter green

Blueberry Cobbler
The warm, yummy fragrance of Grandma's cobbler, fresh from the oven.
Colors: dark blue

Cappuccino Brulee'
A wonderful coffee aroma with lots of cream and vanilla. Yum!
Colors: ivory, medium brown

Carrot Cake
Rich and scrumptious, this fresh baked scent will leave you asking for more. A creamy, buttery, cake base with a touch of nuts,

Color:  Burnt Orange
Cinnamon Apple
A country spiced apple scent. Sweet and yummy!
Color: Red

Ginger and spice - and everything nice! Fresh from the oven scent that's perfect for those chilly autumn days.
Colors: brown, brown/rust

Harvest Pumpkin
A spiced fragrance with lots of pumpkin. A wonderful scent for autumn.
Colors: autumn orange, rust

Honeydew Melon
The sweet, luscious scent of fresh honeydew melon. A juicy, refreshing fragrance for spring and summer.
Color: pale bright green

This is a very true lavender, a little on the floral side. Very pretty and classic.
Color: lavender, pale purple

Okay, all you "hippies"'s time to pull out the Love Beads! This earthy fragrance is still as popular today as it was in the 60's and 70's.
Color:  Burgandy

Pink Grapefruit
The tart, zesty fragrance of juicy pink grapefruit. A "pucker-upper" with a touch of sweetness.
Color: light pink

Vanilla Bean
A rich, dark vanilla with the full fragrance of the bean.
Color: ivory

Grandma's Kitchen
A spicy fragrance with lots of apple. Almost like a cider. One of our top sellers!
Color: Cinnamon red

Peach Cobbler
Sweet, warm peaches, a dash of cinnamon & cobbler.
Color:  Peach

Vanilla Peach
Smells so sweet & creamy!  Peachy Vanilla Scented.
Color:  Light Peach

Sugar Cookie
Buttery, sweet sugar cookie smell
Color:  Eggshell

Cinnamon Buns -
Cinnabons...move over! This wonderful baked cinnamon with icing scent will fill your home with the smells of cinnamon buns, right out of the oven!
Mountain Berry
Sweet berries picked from a mountain top. Cherry, raspberry and blueberry in one candle. It's one of our favorites!
Color:  Dark Red

Snickerdoodle -
The long time favorite cookie is available in a candle. The scent is a fresh baked cookie smell with cinnamon and sugar.
Color:  Light Brown