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Meet the Yeats' family

Bill Yeats
Bill is a native of Louisana and was called to preach at 13 years old. He was raised in a minister's home. He is a 4th generation Pentecostal and 3rd generation preacher. He worked with youth from the age of 13-21, and worked as an assistant with his father Kenneth Yeats. Bro. Yeats started preaching revivals at the tender age of 15 years old. He married Windy Robinson in Feburary of 1987. They are blessed with three beautiful children: Seth, Summer, and Spencer. In 1991, the Yeats family moved to Living Way Apostolic in West Monroe, Louisana.  He and his family evangelized full-time throughout the United States from 1993 until 1999. Bro. Yeats pastored in New Mexico and returned to West Monroe in 2001 and has worked in the ministry at Living Way Apostolic until recently. The Yeats' are now full time evangelist.

Windy Yeats
Windy is also a Louisiana native. She is a supportive wife, mother of three children, and enjoys being on the evangelistic field. She is committed to helping women, children and families discover their purpose and reach their highest potential in serving Jesus.

Seth & Melani Yeats
Seth and Melani were married on February 9, 2008. Seth is employed with Burns Mechanical and in a mechanical apprenticeship program in mechanical trades. Melani is a bridal consultant at Davids Bridal and a full time student in nursing school to become a Registered Nurse.

Summer Yeats
Summer turned "Sweet 16" this year! She is undoubtedly a gifted and talented singer with an unmistakable voice. Summer is a dedicated young lady and has a love for the ministry.

Spencer Yeats

Spencer is a straight "A" student and enjoys playing football.  Spencer likes hanging out with family and friends.