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All Rights Reserved
Kimberly Guthrie
Born in 1968 Austin, Texas
Raised in Topeka, Kansas
Mother of three
Married to Lowell since 1989
Graduate Student
Artist, Author, Teacher
MSU Alumni
ATPE Member
Loves:  Husband, Family, Friends, ASL, Journaling, Art, Photography, Conversation, Vacation, Beaches, Sunshine, Dryer sheets, Tide, Chocolate, Flip-flops, Smell of coconut oil, Apples, Chips & salsa, Cheese enchilidas, Driving, Music..........

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Lowell & Kim
My biggest fan
American Sign Language  This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with ASL.

Purple Princess's ASL Links  Extensive links to ASL-related sites. Fingerspelling font and practice program downloads.

ASL Activities, Books, & Materials for Students of All Ages
ASL Activities, ASL Papers. ASL Lectures, Deaf Culture. ASL Reviews, Great ASL Links. ASL Visuals