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Why Advertise With US???

Tumbleweed networks with Webring, we market our site to the busiest webrings around and are listed in the hottest Top 100 Sites.  If you purchase our Ultimate Listing you will also receive the added benefit of being interviewed for "In the Spotlight" on a monthly rotation.
In addition to marketing your site, we submit our site on a weekly basis to the Major search engines!  This means more HITS for us and maximum EXPOSURE for Your Site and More HITS for YOU!!  We submit to the following SEARCH ENGINES on a regular basis. Alta Vista, Anzwers, Hot Bot, Lycos, Excite, Google, & Yahoo to name a few.  If you have any questions email Kimbo or Angie at for more info. 
NEW Storefront Gallery Listing
30 day Storefront Gallery advertisement with 250x220 product photo with link back to site (30) days $15.00 (1 month)
Our ultimate package is 450 x 500, we include your company banner, your email button, description up to 70 words, and (2) product photos.  We are flexible on the pixel size of the photos.  Selection of (4) Catagories for our Ultimate Listing. **BONUS** Featured Site of the Month Rotation and interview for "In the Spotlight". We will also randomly choose
a shoppe for our storefront Gallery if open spaces are available.
Cost $20.00  (12 Months) Less than $2.00 per mo
Our expanded advertisment is 450 x 250, it includes your company banner, description up to 50 words, and one product photo of 100X100 pixels.  You can select (2) of our catagories to be listed under.
Cost $12.00 (6 Months)
Our Basic Advertisment is 450 x 250 which will include your banner and description up to 25 words.
Only (1) Catagory Listing
Cost $6.00 (3 Months)
What if I donate a gift for your
Free Drawing??

Donating a gift for our drawing is great exposure for YOU.  We will place a link back to your site on the description of the free gift featured for the month.  If you would like to donate a gift for the free drawing we will be happy to give you a FREE Basic Listing for (3) Months. 
Please send us an email to if you would like to sign up for this.  Your gift must be a value of $10.00 or more.  Thanks